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hi! Lalala <3 you have stepped into my little world,in a small city of boston sharing my deepest thoughts with you. I want to thank Marie (loudthoughtsforyou) is her tumblr for customizing my blog>
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Im ashley,I love dimples :*, and im just trying to live life to the fullest and have fun ! so if you seeme laughing as hard as i can im having a great time :D:) im haitian and im repping that all day all the way ! im a fun person to be with and outgoing and a great personality <3 . Follow me if you want :)

Ashley xoxo

i love...
To dance,and to be me, SIMPLY Ashley J. I also love Chris Brown,Jordan Grizzle,Marie,Cassie,Sandy,Areo,Forever21, & Hm







When a bullet hits a wall

That is astounding. I legitimately watched it about fifteen times before reblogging it.

this is so fucking satisfying to watch oh my god

Does anyone else hear it crash into the wall?

No and neither did you because it’s a silent gif

bitch don’t kill my vibe 


My favorite thing about black people is that no matter how bad you are in a dance circle, they will hype the shit out of you


You guys are probably getting tired of me posting pictures but as someone who has struggled with my self esteem and happy that I’m slowly starting to gain confidence in myself I’m going to post pictures of the times I think I look pretty. Deal with it cause I love you

Can I get a real life Tarzan movie where Natalie Dormer plays Jane. I feel like it’d work